Frequently Asked Questions

I’m from outside of the UK, Can I still use Big Forex?

Yes, our signals are easy to follow from all around the world. Signals may be posted at different times throughout the day, depending on what session we are trading.

Can I use my own Broker?

Yes, you can choose any trading broker/platform you wish. Our signals are compatible with all brokers.

Can you recommend a Trading Broker?

Yes, We can recommend a Trading Broker. We are affiliated with AxiTrader. Please refer to the “About” section to find out more information.

When are the Signals Delivered?

Our expert team will be monitoring the markets everyday to ensure we enter the trades at the optimal point. Although this isn’t possible every time we put a lot of time into this. At Big Forex we will never enter a trade until it meets our criteria. Because of this we cannot guarantee the exact amount of signals you will receive however we aim to produce between 7-10 per week.

How much money do I need to have to start Trading Forex?

This is down to the trader as you determine how much you want to invest into the Forex Market. We recommend starting with £500 as this will leave you with a healthy balance in your account after any outcome. Remember, only trade with what you can afford to loose.

How will I receive my Signals?

Big Forex will send out their signals and analysis through our Private VIP Telegram group. Telegram is one of the leading messaging services in Forex. It has instant messages which helps to minimise delay and help with getting the optimal entry on every trade.

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