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Partnership with FTMO

Big Forex are proud to announce that we are affiliated with FTMO. FTMO is a project which is looking for successful traders. To discover if a trader has all the qualities they seek, they developed a 2-step evaluation course. These two steps consist of the FTMO Challenge and the Verification. The course is specifically tailored to discover talent within a trader.

Step One:

The FTMO Challenge

The first step is called the FTMO challenge. In this step you need to prove your trading skills and discipline by passing the trading objectives.


  • Make 10% overall profit
  • Minimum trading days 10, Maximum 30 days
  • Maximum daily loss = 5%
  • Maximum total loss = 10%

If you successfully pass this stage you have proved that you are a disciplined experienced trader.

Step Two:

Verification Stage:

Step 2 is the verification stage, the requirements to this are slightly different. You need to make only 5% total profit and you have 60 days to complete it. You have double the number of days, to make half the amount from stage 1. The loss limits and minimum trading days are the same.

Big Forex:

What do we do?

Traders that often start new challenges for the first time tend to make mistakes that can easily be avoided. These mistakes can violate the objectives resulting in them failing the challenges. Our job is to ensure that traders are ready to take on the challenges and become funded. With each traders’ individual skills and our guidance and mentoring, clients have a better chance of success as we have trained and mentored many clients who have become fully funded already in 2021.

Time to take trading to the next level